I’m running for re-election to continue the good work we have started since my first year on the council. We have implemented changes in terms of landscaping, connecting our city, and design standards that will make us better for the next generation. We have worked to make our city cleaner, better, and one that keeps progressing towards a goal of being the best we can be.

We’ve invested in law enforcement needs to do their jobs better. We will continue to invest in officers as well as what they need to do their jobs effectively and professionally.

Since 2017, our city has seen a renewed focus on investment in infrastructure, connectivity, and being a better community. We have implemented changes that will show results within the next 5-10 years. To date, we have approved numerous sidewalks that have allowed our community to be connected. This will pay off for future generations to come.

In the next four years, we must continue to make investments in our infrastructure, quality of life projects, and law enforcement. I believe our best days are ahead of us. With the new mayor, I envision creating a city that is better because of the investments we will make.

Vote McClain for City Council
Ward 6 Position 2

Early Voting Starts October 19
Election Day is November 3